Yan Samson, Painter in Lacourt, France

Yan Samson dans son atelier

My initial approach dealt with the architecture and its integration into the landscape.I was fascinated by the works of the pioneers of Art Nouveau, as Mackintosh in Glasgow, but particularly by the mystical and surreal madness of Gaudi, flamboyant ascetic, founder of the Sagrada Familia. That does not stop me being interested in vernacular architecture and all the evidence of human inventiveness, when it comes to leverage resources around to build a house. I also have as a reference Hundertwasser, brilliant colorist who also interested in architecture in redeveloping brownfields and other abandoned buildings.
So I started painting towns, villages, castles, landscapes very structured, very colorful and I was told that the color may not be sufficient to bring the life that lurks in alleys or behind the curtains. I then decided to add it and then some faces and afterward the characters whole.
So my current work has evolved significantly towards more imagination, resulting from different influences: the dreams, news, events or trips to do .... and experience.

Etudes ESAG Penninghen then ENSBA.
La maison des Bouchettes Teacher in art.
Inside decoration and furnitures's painting.
1979. Definitively fixed in France, in Ariege.
1988. Back tp painting and first expositions.

Nombreuses expositions dans le grand sud-ouest dans diverses galeries de Sarlat et dans le Luberon.
1999 Galerie Leoni ,Viborg (DK)
Lot of expositions in the great south-west of France, specially in some galleries in Sarlat and in the Luberon (south-east of France). 2000 GMAC ,Lausanne (CH)
2007 Townhall ,Kircudbright (SCO)
2014 Gallery JETZT ODER NIE, Fluh (BALE) Suisse

Other Expositions
Galerie art espace : Toulouse airport Blagnac.
Galerie Imagine Bordeaux.
Galeries Charlevoix : St Jean De Luz et Marbella.
Virtuals galleries: Artween, FaceBook.

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